Chin to the Sky

I’ve been working with a new trainer since my knee replacement, Billy. Today, several great things occurred. When I got on the bike, my rpms started in the 60s. That’s faster than I’ve started yet. When I did my squats to build my hamstring and glut strength, we added a ten-pound weight. And, we started to do continuous sets, to work my muscles to exhaustion.

I always have fun with Billy. But one of the best things was when he explained something in one of my exercises. From a standing position, I’m supposed to lean over at my waist, grab two pulls, and stand up straight. Think of it as a standing row. It’s not hard for people with good balance. It’s challenging for me. Then Billy had the transforming idea, “Chin to the sky, Johanna, chin to the sky.”

Satir Change ModelWell, that made all the difference. It’s the same in my dance classes. “All the answers are on the ceiling,” as one of my instructors used to say.

Billy gave me that transforming idea. Now I have to practice it. I had the chance today during our workout. I get to keep practicing when I walk around the house, during my dance lesson tonight, over the weekend, whenever. Chin to the sky! I like it.

One thought on “Chin to the Sky

  1. Debi Z.

    Nice to hear that your knee replacement is doing well. I just had an MRI on my left knee – the doctors think I dislocated the knee cap, or something else equally silly ;-)
    Just hope you don’t have stairs at home, walking around with your chin to the sky….
    Feel good,

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