How Do You Flex?

Create an Adaptable Life Vol 4 # 3: How Do You Flex? November 2, 2015 How Do You Flex? There’s a discussion on LinkedIn about an agile team with a deaf developer. The respondents—many of whom are fully hearing—are debating what they could do. There are plenty of opportunities: Make sure everyone faces the deaf …

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I Can Hear You Now

I’m deaf in my right ear. It’s aggravating, because I speak at conferences, and I have lunches and dinners at round tables. Can I hear the person on my right? No. Irritating! I have to explain, “I’m deaf on that side. Please nudge me if you want to talk to me.” And, then what happens? …

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Travel Humor

Incident #1. I travel a lot. TSA loves to see how my vertigo is doing. At least, I think that’s what they are doing, because they ask me to go through the body scanner about half the time I travel. I have seen more patterns when I travel during the day. When TSA is not …

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