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I had an inner ear hemorrhage on Sept 5, 2009. As a consequence, I have total hearing loss in my right ear and permanent vertigo.

Over time, I have learned how to manage my vertigo and to compensate for my hearing loss. I now use a rollator (4-wheeled walker) as I transit the world. I organize my interactions so I can hear. I often say, “Let me get on your right side so I can hear you.”

I have learned several facts about disruptive change:

  • We can only go forward. We cannot return to the old normal.
  • We can create a new normal. We might not create fast, but we can create.
  • We are often more adaptable and resilient than we thought.

My guiding principle (first stated on Using the Past to Create a New Future):

You had your old life. You have a new one now. Make your choice to live your new life, not to try to hold onto the old one. It’s a challenge. It’s not always easy. But, if you take that first small step, and ask for a little help, maybe you can take the next one.

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