Try Something, Get a Little Feedback

I’m not a runner. Never was, never will be. But, Daughter #1, henceforth known as Shaina, decided to start running about a year ago. She decided to do a half-marathon this past fall, and now is planning to run the Boston marathon with Team Stork.

When you are a newbie runner, you can’t just run the Boston marathon. You have to qualify. But you can’t qualify if you haven’t run a marathon before. What to do?

Shaina is one determined person. That, and a sense of humor runs in the family. Bet you are not surprised. She asked around at work, and discovered that there are teams of people who run for charity. She joined one, Team Stork, and has committed to raising $5,000 for the Stork fund. The Stork fund supports various initiatives at Brigham and Women’s Hospital which promote healthier moms and babies.

So, not only does Shaina have to train, she needs to work on her marketing. Smart cookie that she is, she asked Mom to help. I said I would write a blog entry to help. So, here I am.

I think this is pretty cool. Shaina gets to experiment with social media, with asking people to make a charitable contribution, with getting the word out, and with asking people for help. She’ll take a few steps with this, get some feedback, and see what to do next. Just as she does with her running. And, all for a good cause!

When we were expecting her, Mark and I decided that the only thing that mattered to us was that we had a healthy baby at the end of the delivery. We did. We did not need the NICU. We were both very happy about that. When we had Daughter #2 four years later, same thing. We got to be happy again.

But not everyone has the same happy outcome that we have. So for everyone that you know, who does not have the same happy outcome, please consider donating a little something. As Shaina says, “Every little bit helps.” (Yes, she said those words to me.) Here is the link to donate:

And, for those of you who are wondering about her learning and what she will do with her feedback, well, maybe she will let us know when she learns a little more.

Thanks, from Shaina’s Mom. I haven’t called myself that in years. It’s kind of funny to do that again. I’ll let you know how she does in the fundraising and in the marathon. If you can, please donate: (Shaina is on the left.)

No matter what, Shaina will learn something. And, maybe you can be a part of her support system, too. Thank you.

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