Graduation Day. Now What?

On Friday, I graduated from physical therapy for my knee replacement. I did all my exercises, showed my therapist how well I could walk up and down the stairs, and said goodbye. It was great. This doesn’t mean I’m done with my knee. I’ve transitioned from my initial rehab to ongoing strength training and remaking …

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Chin to the Sky

I’ve been working with a new trainer since my knee replacement, Billy. Today, several great things occurred. When I got on the bike, my rpms started in the 60s. That’s faster than I’ve started yet. When I did my squats to build my hamstring and glut strength, we added a ten-pound weight. And, we started …

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Courage for A New Option

I’m in Toronto today, experimenting with a new vertigo treatment, called the Brainport. It’s teaching my tongue to learn where I am in space, to relearn my proprioception. Why am I in Canada? Because the FDA hasn’t approved it for use in the US. And, I suspect that the FDA non-approval has a lot to …

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