Graduation Day. Now What?

On Friday, I graduated from physical therapy for my knee replacement. I did all my exercises, showed my therapist how well I could walk up and down the stairs, and said goodbye. It was great.

This doesn’t mean I’m done with my knee. I’ve transitioned from my initial rehab to ongoing strength training and remaking all my dances. Yes, we are remaking every single dance. I don’t bend my knees enough. Not so surprising, given that one of my coping mechanisms was to straighten my legs.

When I have a change like this, I like to be ready enough for the next thing. It’s easy to do that with a rehab. I’d already planned my November/December sessions with Billy and my dance sessions at the dance studio. It can be a lot harder with a job change or with a real commencement.

When I graduated from university, I had a job. I didn’t have an apartment yet, but I was sure that was not going to be a problem. It wasn’t. I didn’t have furniture, but I was that was not going to be a problem. It wasn’t. I didn’t have friends yet, and I was sure that was not going to be a problem. It wasn’t. I don’t have that first apartment anymore, or much of that furniture, but I still have some of those friends.

The question for each of is, how much is enough readiness? Too much pre-planning for the future and you’ve prevented some potential options. Too little planning, and you’re not able to take advantage of options that present themselves. For example, if I wasn’t in good enough shape to take advantage of meeting people who happen to be in the Boston area now, I would be quite disappointed. But, because I’ve been working hard, I can take advantage of impromptu meetings with colleagues who are in the area. I have the physical stamina to do so.

As you look forward to your next milestone, think just a little bit about what the next milestone is. Not enough to stress about, just enough to prepare for. I think of it as laying the groundwork now for what I need to do later. I try not to do more work now than I need to. YAGNI, You Aren’t Going to Need It, from the agile community works in our adaptable lives as well as our products. And, if we think just a little bit ahead, we can design/architect our lives just a little bit in advance, too.

For me, this is planning what and when I’ll cook for Thanksgiving, and what I’ll ask Daughter #2 to buy. I already know we forgot some things in our weekly shopping trip. If I use her, since her Thanksgiving vacation started already, I’ll be better able to manage the week. That’s the kind of planning or readiness I mean. Don’t plan in detail for six months ahead. Do some sort of rolling wave planning.

If you are facing a big change in your life, prepare for it. Don’t be surprised if you feel off balance as you go through the change. While many of our changes are great and we look forward to them, they can surprise us. Review the Change Model and see where you are. If you are like me, maybe a little preparation will help. Maybe not. It’s a possibility.

Now what? I have books to finish, clients to prepare for, and many more dance classes to take. After all, we’re reinventing all my dances. Oh, and Billy has me on the work-her-muscles-to-exhaustion workout routine. I’m busy. Thank goodness I’m done with rehab. It was taking too much time!

One thought on “Graduation Day. Now What?

  1. YvesHanoulle

    When we moved to Bordeaux with our 3 kids, we were driving with a small truck ( the largest vehicle I could drive with my normal license) with our stuff in it. And we did not have a house on the other side.

    I kept telling my kids: yes this scary, yes I have no idea when we will have, yet I am sure everything Will Work out.

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