sense of humor

Snort On!

During my dance lessons and my gym sessions, I have a good time with my dance instructors and my personal trainer. Some weeks, it’s more challenging than others. For a couple of weeks after Hurricane Sandy, my vertigo was worse. When the barometric pressure decreased, my vertigo increased. Sometimes, I walk into walls because although …

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I Have the Force

In the past four weeks, I have clogged a toilet, broken my car’s windshield washers, broken a mammogram machine, and broken the fancy goggles that the vestibular therapist in Canada uses to look at my nystagmus. And last week, my computer went into constant kernel panics. A lesser person might say I was jinxed. I …

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Travel Humor

Incident #1. I travel a lot. TSA loves to see how my vertigo is doing. At least, I think that’s what they are doing, because they ask me to go through the body scanner about half the time I travel. I have seen more patterns when I travel during the day. When TSA is not …

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