One-Sided Deafness Can Be Helpful

Ordinarily, I would not say that being deaf at all is useful. But there is one time when it is very helpful—when my husband is snoring :-)

My husband is a snorer. He can’t help it. He’s tried lots of things: antihistamines, nose sprays, nose strips. Nothing works. He can snore on his side. (Yes, that is quite talented!) I even tried earplugs, but I still awoke. As a result, I often woke up when he snored.

However, once I became deaf in my right ear, my sleep improved tremendously. Why? If I’m sleeping on my right side, with my hearing ear up, I roll over so my deaf ear is up. Voila! I no longer hear him snore.

Ok, so becoming deaf on one side is a drastic approach to a partner’s snoring problem. But it’s part of my reality and this part doesn’t stink.

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