Test of blog feed

I’ve had trouble with my blog feed so this is a test. If you have not seen the previous three posts, my feed is to blame. With any luck, this post will tell me if I fixed it. Carry on!

My Superman Cape is Fleece

We’re in the middle of a deep freeze, here in the Northeast. It’s cold, even for the Boston area. Yes, we have heat in the house. I have heat in my office. But, when the sun goes down, or before the sun comes up, the house is awfully cold. I’ve taken to wearing my green …

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Smiling Through Security

I was returning from Albuquerque after PSL last week. I was in the security line. Airport security lines are unpredictable. Sometimes, they move at a regular pace. Sometimes, they move at an uneven pace. This one started off slow, and then zoomed. I was caught with my shoes still on. Uh oh. I do have …

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Couch Naps Win

I often take a little nap on the couch before I go to bed for the night. I know, most people take naps during the day. I’m different. So was yesterday. It all started a week ago… Low on Disk Space I started seeing the dreaded, “Your computer is low on disk space message” a …

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Becoming Boring Again

Mark saw the orthopedist last week. He got the all-clear to wean himself from crutches. He did—in 20 minutes. He walked out of the hospital on crutches and came home. He put the crutches away and that was the end of the crutches. I am happy to report he is doing well, gaining strength and …

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What Is A Friend?

I went to a memorial service for a friend last weekend. It was beautiful. His close friends spoke about how they worked and played with him, how they asked and answered questions with him. They had eaten much Chinese food, gone to many movies, shared many dinners, many bottles of wine, flown many kites, and …

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Why I Never Use a Lectern

This is why I never use a lectern. Look carefully. Inside the hole cut out for the Caesar’s is my face. I am standing up! I was setting my computer up for my talk at the Better Software conference, when Rachelle took this picture. I moved to the left of the lectern to present. I …

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My Stuff, Your Junk

No matter what, Mark and I are moving into a smaller house. That part is clear. So we need to clear out some of what I fondly refer to as our Stuff. When I was traveling last week, Mark told me sternly that we needed to declutter. I agreed. “My name is Johanna and I …

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