Why I Never Use a Lectern

This is why I never use a lectern.

Look carefully. Inside the hole cut out for the Caesar’s is my face. I am standing up!

I was setting my computer up for my talk at the Better Software conference, when Rachelle took this picture.

I moved to the left of the lectern to present. I don’t have my cable for my camera to download the pictures Dan Rawsthorne took, or I would show the “after.”

I thought this was quite funny and that you would like it. Gotta know your height limitations. The chair is there in case I need to sit down. Gotta know your vertigo limitations, too.

Here is the final picture of me speaking:

Dan Rawsthorne took this picture of me.

There is a chair behind me–an executive chair–just in case I need to sit down. I used it to illustrate a point in my talk, not to sit because I needed to, thank goodness!

There are many cups of water, because I might need many cups of water :-)

Yes, my hand is waving to make a point!

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