Becoming Boring Again

Mark saw the orthopedist last week. He got the all-clear to wean himself from crutches. He did—in 20 minutes. He walked out of the hospital on crutches and came home. He put the crutches away and that was the end of the crutches.

I am happy to report he is doing well, gaining strength and flexibility. The best news is that he returned to work this week.

I have regained my boring life. I’m so excited!

I read my magazines during lunch this week. It didn’t matter when I wanted to eat lunch. I didn’t have to talk to anyone. I know, I sound like an introvert, don’t I?

Part of it is the relief that he is almost healed. Part of it is the relief that I am almost healed. We are back to our normal routine. I am just about ready to return to the gym in addition to my physical therapy exercises.

I am progressing on my todos. I am getting healthy. Maybe we’ll even find a new house that works for me.

Boring is good.

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