My Superman Cape is Fleece

We’re in the middle of a deep freeze, here in the Northeast. It’s cold, even for the Boston area.

Yes, we have heat in the house. I have heat in my office. But, when the sun goes down, or before the sun comes up, the house is awfully cold.

I’ve taken to wearing my green fleece blanket around the house like a cape. I’ve decided it’s my “superman cape.”

With my superman cape, I’m not quite invincible to the cold, but I’m much more protected. I’m a lot warmer.

I may have to walk around this way until spring! I hope not. I might give in to temptation and turn up the thermostat.

I kind of like the idea of being superman. I’ll try on that persona for a while.

If you have a problem like the cold, maybe you can consider a transforming idea, such as the superman cape. When we change how we think about ourselves, we have more options about how we manage problems.

Superpeople, unite!

2 thoughts on “My Superman Cape is Fleece”

  1. Like you, I get cold easily and wear a blanket when I’m working and often position my chair in front to the heater vent to keep my hands warm. But unlike you, I live in the relatively warm Bay Area. So I like your idea of reframing one’s warming agent into something empowering. Rather than feeling like a wimp for using a heating pad in 60-degree weather, maybe it could be my energizer!

    Thanks for sharing the solutions you create to challenges many of us face.

    Rebecca Morgan

    1. Rebecca, Now that the weather is back to “normal” winter weather here, I realize that the problem is really what-can-the-insulation-manage? When the temperature is in the single digits and the wind is howling, my walk-out basement office just cannot manage to maintain the heat. I need the empowerment and the fleece :-)

      Much more of this, and I’m moving out to California! Well, I say that, but I have to convince a recalcitrant hubby…

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