What Makes You Remarkable?

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I want to be remarkable, worthy of attention, in some ways—in my writing, speaking, and consulting. I would prefer to not be remarkable for my physical appearance. Yet, I am. I decided to embrace my remarkability and help people realize I’m not ashamed of using a rollator. It’s what I need to do to stay upright.

I’m probably not aware of everything that makes me remarkable as a professional. I’m pretty sure it’s at least these things:

  • I often take a unique stand on a particular topic. For example, I love agile approaches and I often find iterations don’t work for my clients.
  • I’m not afraid of people disagreeing with me. I do work hard to make sure my position is clear.
  • I’m sufficiently frank (blunt) and unafraid to say what works for my clients and for me.

I bet there’s more, and I have no idea what the more is. We are often blind to what makes us remarkable. In my case, it’s my best and worst traits.

What about you? Do you want to be worthy of attention? Do you want to be remarkable throughout next year?

I suspect the answer is yes, even if you want to be worthy of attention in “just” your family. I put quotes around just because I find I need to take the most care with my family relationships. I want those relationships to be happy, healthy, satisfying for all of us, and that’s not a “just” anything.

I wonder if fear prevents us from being remarkable?

Here are ways you might choose to be remarkable:

  • Decide on the population in which you want to be remarkable.
  • Decide to exploit one of your strengths.
  • Decide how far you will take it. Can you be contrarian? Can you create a tangential approach to help people see different choices? Can you be someone who—in your selected population—is the go-to person for that area?

I’ll use this blog as an example. When I started to write these question-of-the-week posts, I wanted to find a cohort that appreciated questions that might help their views on the world. When I think about adaptability, I often need to see the world as-is, so I can determine where I want to go. You folks are my population.

I’m exploiting my writing strengths (and building those strengths!).

I continue to explore and I hope you find this site a source of inspiration, explanation, or exploration.

You might consider other approaches to exercise your remarkability. I’m not sure what those are, but you might be able to tell me.

Too many people make resolutions for what they will do. Those resolutions often fail.

Instead of planning what you will do, decide the population you will serve, the strength you will exploit and how you want to be the go-to person in that niche. You’ll be remarkable, worthy of attention.

That is the question this week: What makes you remarkable?

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