Name My New Knee?

I’m in Albuquerque, getting ready for AYE. On Friday night, Esther, Don, Don’s wife and I went out for dinner. We returned and Don pair-walked with me up the steps. I proudly walked like a normal human up the steps, alternating legs.

“That’s my new knee!” I informed him as I walked up the steps. I was holding his hand because my vertigo was acting up because it was dark and I was tired. But my knee was great!

“Are you going to name your knee?” Don asked.

Well, that stumped me. I haven’t named any of my other body parts to date. I don’t think of my body parts of anything other than what they are. I still think of my new knee as new, but not as, say, Tilly the titanium new knee, or Trudy, or Kalinda (k for knee). Tilly means Battle Strength. Trudy means Spear Strength. Kalinda means sun, and having the sun shine through my knee? Well, maybe not.

Tilly is quite appealing. Battle Strength! But, then I would have to explain why I refer to my knee as BS. So, no, I don’t think I’m going to name my new knee. I liked the name research. I am enjoying my new knee, though. Maybe when I stop thinking of it as my “new” knee, I’ll get over this business of referring to my new knee. I’m at full functionality and close to full strength, so “soon.”

In the meantime, I’ll keep working out and maybe not name my new knee. We’ll see what happens this week at AYE. Who knows what the other participants say?

6 thoughts on “Name My New Knee?”

  1. May I suggest SU (or SUe, if you prefer), which ‘stands’ for “Stand Up! We can’t see you.”, the traditional cry of those at the back of the lunch tent at AYE when you would stand to address the assemblage.

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