Walker Envy

I’m at PSL this week, with Jerry and Esther. I’m having a wonderful time. So is the class.

Jerry is using a walker to manage his vertigo. He has a different form of vertigo than I do, but vertigo is vertigo. I have to say, I have walker envy.

You should see him zoom down the hall and through the parking lots. He is spry! He is fast! He is balanced with his walker with big wheels, brakes, a seat, a basket.

Did I mention I have walker envy?

When I get tired, I find it hard to balance, even with my cane. I need to sit. Jerry has a built-in seat. I need a hand to maintain my balance in low light. Jerry has four wheels. I am slow when I’m tired. Jerry is equally speedy at all times, and I don’t think he gets as tired as I do. I can’t tell about the tiredness. I only see the external evidence.

I have walker envy–a bad case of it.

So, when I get home, I suspect I will look into a walker. In my case, it’s not for my legs; it’s for my head. It will allow me to keep using my legs. Which I think is a great trade off.

Walker envy. Who would have thunk?

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  1. Hi Johanna: Mike T. sent me your blog, and I am grateful to him and to you (I met you with Mike at dinner some years ago) . The day after my pacemaker implant two months ago, I had one day with severe vertigo and am now doing rehab for bppv (which does not seem to be helping much). I know others who have had these symptoms for over 10 years, so I’m hoping to have some relief sooner than later. I very much appreciate your talking about your vertigo, as it feels so weird to feel so weird, stumbling, walking faster rather than slower to maintain my momentum, reaching for railings and walls for stability, etc.
    Keep the faith and keep in touch. John

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