Jothy Rosenberg: Inspiration for All

I met Jothy Rosenberg back in the ’90s when I did some consulting work at one of his high tech startups. At the time, I thought “This guy is not only technically brilliant, he really understands how to manage software and the software process.”

One day, I’d stayed late to talk to him about something with the work I was doing, and he mentioned he’d gone to Duke for a PhD in Computer Science. My surprise shown on my face, and he asked why. I, of course blurted out, “But you actually understand how software works! And, how to manage people! I usually need to educate my clients on how to do that! And you have a PhD?” Well, luckily he did not flip the bozo bit on me that day, and we have remained collegial friends since that contract.

I’m asking you for a personal favor, now, if it fits for you. Jothy is cancer survivor. When he was a teenager, he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that cost him a leg and a lung. He used sports to help himself fight back.

He wants to tell the story of other “disabled” (differently abled?) athletes. He has proposed a TV show to the networks, but given TV, he can’t get a network to commit. (What a surprise!)

So, my dear friends and colleagues, I am asking you to help me pay it forward, by watching Jothy’s video, Who Says I Can’t. If you like it, please subscribe to the youtube channel. The more viral the video, the more luck he will have getting his show on he air. Thanks.

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