OOP 2012 Pecha Kucha Video Posted

At OOP 2012, I took the opportunity to develop and present a Pecha Kucha. Here’s how you say Pecha Kucha:

First, say the Yiddish word, “tchotchke,” Now, adapt the word to “tch-otch-ka.” Yes, that’s not a word. We’re getting there. Now, add a “peh” in front of it. You have “peh-tch-otch-ka.” And, if you are enthusiastic, add a little arm swing. Pecha Kucha’s are fun to develop and fun to watch. I hope the OOP folks post all of them. They were great!

Here is mine:

Jutta Eckstein, I appreciate you for inviting me to OOP to give a talk. Martin Heider and Bernd Schiffer, I appreciate you for organizing the Pecha Kucha and the videos of it. The gentleman who actually videod: I appreciate you too. And, I appreciate me for having the guts to put it all out there.

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