Making Difficult Choices

When you have a broken leg, you get a cast. Your bone takes 4-6 weeks to heal. Maybe you need physical therapy, maybe you just exercise. You’re done. If you have a cold, you take cold medications, or you wait until your cold is better. If your cold gets bad enough to have bronchitis or …

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Mental Toughness

As I work through the training for my vertigo, I keep remembering what my vestibular therapist said last week. Her words were, “This requires mental toughness. It’s like running a marathon 20 minutes, twice a day.” When I use the BrainPort to retrain my brain (using techniques of neuroplasticity) to change how my brain adapts …

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Learning Something New

When I was in 10th grade, I struggled with my foreign language, French. We were translating The Sword of Roland, “L’Epee D’Roland.” I am pretty sure that when I spoke in class, it sounded like “Leh pee (!) deh roa-land.” The correct pronunciation would be “Leh peh deh roh-land.” My teacher that year told me …

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