What Did You Learn This Week?

We moved into our new house just over a week ago. We have all new appliances: a new vacuum, new washer and dryer, new oven, new microwave, new counters (granite!), new everything. We are the same old people :-) Oh, our toothbrushes are old. Otherwise, everything is new.

I have to tell you, I have wanted a new kitchen for years. At least four years.

I have been cooking my low carb muffins like there is no tomorrow. We have used our new gas cooktop (five burners!) as if we have new toys.

This new kitchen is such a treat. So far, I haven’t had to throw any food out. Not all of it is up to my normal standards, but it’s all edible.

I have learned plenty. I must be burning new neural pathways by the second. I’m experimenting with every step I take in this house.

I have finished plenty of things, although not so that you, my readers could tell. What I have finished is inside the house, in terms of cooking, laundry, and boxes. I did laundry, without feeling as if I was going to fall over, for the first time since I had the vertigo. What a relief. Small successes.

I am learning how to live in my own home again. It feels great.

I am also learning how to drive to all the different places I normally drive to. We now live on the “other” side of town. That means we need to learn all new ways to drive everywhere. I have to turn on my GPS to know where to go: the grocery store, the bank, the post office, the mall. We only moved about 1.5 miles away. It’s as if we moved 10 miles away. Everything has changed.

When was the last time you set out to specifically learn something new, and carved out time to do so? Remember, change takes time.

I decided that this week was time to learn my appliances, so I would be comfortable with them. I wanted to get the learning hump out of the way, so all the appliances would be second nature after this week. They almost are. I need a little more practice.

I decided I would take time this week and experiment with learning new ways to drive to and from my house. I need to learn the neighborhood. I don’t want to be stuck in old patterns from my old neighborhood. I want to make this transition.

I have learned many new things this past week. More than I could imagine. I have had some confusions: how do we set the timer on the oven? How do we make the muffins brown? Where does this street go? Why are none of the streets straight in this neighborhood? (None of them are. I swear. None of them.)

I have had the growth mindset. Try something. Learn from it. Try a little something more. Keep experimenting. Don’t be stuck on my past “failures.” They are all part of me being a work in progress. Keep inspecting and adapting.

You might not have all of these changes in one week. It is many changes in one week. For you adaptable problem solvers, today’s question of the week is: What did you learn this week?




4 thoughts on “What Did You Learn This Week?

  1. Greg Tutunjian

    The most memorable (as of late) time I carved out to learn something new was late April 2012: Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Course. I was an experienced road cyclist, but I had never ridden a motorcycle. Our instructor was exceptional: I was the only 1 out of 11 students who didn’t own at least 1 motorcycle already. Go figure. I passed the written test and the road test (definitely not a gimme) and realized I didn’t want to lose what new neural pathways (!) I had burned (some through adrenalin, some through studying and some through watching everyone else do tight figure 8’s and occasionally dump their class bike.) Some timely advice from another rider, The Internets, and a thoughtful dealership manager led me to my motorcycle. I have to use both feet, both hands and especially my “head” to ride well. I like to think that I’m continuing to burn those pathways by taking more advanced training, practicing and riding longer and more challenging routes. The spillover from that has been an increased emphasis on my professional development commitment and spending more time with family, too.

    1. johanna Post author

      Greg, wow! I’m glad you took the course. I don’t think a motorcycle is the same thing as road bike at all. I bet the adrenalin was high :-)

      Using your hands, feet and head will burn new neural pathways. Good for you!

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