Where Do You Have Redundancy?

I was thinking about resilience and redundancy a lot this week.

We had a big weekend last week (we gained a son-in-law) so this week was a week of what I like to call “preventative maintenance.” We had doctor’s appointments, car appointments, and the tree guys came to cut back some of our trees.

I was on an interview when the tree guys inadvertently severed our wifi connection.

We use wifi for everything. Not just internet, but phones, too. This was a big ouch.

I realized what had happened. I texted Mark the email and text for the interrupted interview. He sent it off so I could relax about that. Luckily, the person on the other end appears to be amused, not perturbed.

We don’t have perfect backup/redundant systems for everything. Yes, I was able to use my phone as a hotspot. Mark has a traveling mifi, so we used that when he returned home for supper.

Part of why we do preventative maintenance is to see where we might need more resilience and redundancy. We wanted to reduce the possibility of a tree taking our electricity and/or wifi. I guess we waited a tiny bit too long to make that change!

For personal preventative maintenance, do I need to change the way I brush my teeth, exercise, or something else that my docs can suggest? I keep making incremental small changes which appear to work for me.

We all have some forms of redundancy: we have more than one set of clothing. (I realize this isn’t true worldwide. And, the people too poor for more than one set of clothes probably aren’t reading this.) If you’re like me, you have a travel toiletry bag with duplicates of toothpaste, etc, so I always have the toiletries I want when I travel. I have enough socks that I can pack for more than a week and still have socks when I return home.

I don’t quite know what the right level of redundancy is. For me, it varies with different levels of risk:

  • I have an in-house rollator, a car/travel rollator, and a walk-around-the-neighborhood rollator. I don’t have to think about moving the rollator from the house to the car when I want to shop. I have the right tool for the job, regardless of where I am.
  • I have a local backup for my computer and a wifi backup. Both are always-on, always backing up, because I don’t even want to think about losing any of my data. I can restore anything at any time.
  • When I travel, I have bars that fit my nutritional needs. Are bars as good as food? No. However, for me, they are better than the wrong food.

And, yes, I have many coffee cups of the “right” size for my morning tea. I even have redundancy there.

In all probability, you have redundancy in different areas of your life. That’s terrific, as long as you think about where you need your redundancy.

That is the question this week: Where do you have redundancy?

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