Who Do You Compete With?

I’m not happy with my endurance. I decided to work on my leg strength.  I decided to take walks in the evening after supper. 

The first two nights, it rained. Not good for building a habit. I finally started the third night.

I was tired that night—I had worked out hard that morning. I walked a total of 7 minutes. I had plenty of excuses: it was cold and I hadn’t worn enough clothes; I was tired from my morning workout; my knee hurt. Like I said, plenty of excuses.

The second night, I felt better. I asked Mark to time me because I wanted to improve my time. I easily did what I had done the night before, in about 6 minutes. I added to my walk and clocked 10 minutes. 

That’s not much improvement. On the other hand, I felt better and had improved my time. (It was still cold the second night.)

I compete with myself. How can I do this thing better or faster? How can I improve in my consulting, training, writing, anything I do?

When I started writing, I took days to complete one article. Days! As I became a more facile writer, I reduced that time to hours. Now, I often take just one hour to finish an article. That’s 1000 words or so in one hour.

I decided to learn to write faster because I wanted to finish more. (It’s all about the flow.)

When I compete with myself, I have the opportunity to understand myself better. I can apply the growth mindset. When I compete with other people, I am more likely to see what I don’t do, rather than what I already do or my possibilities for improvement.

I’m not perfect. I make writing mistakes. I don’t make my workouts a habit when I travel. On the other hand, I improve over time.

I find that competing with myself works for me. I get feedback. I can see my reality and not fool myself. 

Do you compete with anyone? If so, who is it? What would it take for you to compete with yourself, so you can improve over time, just compared to you?

(Yes, if I was using perfect grammar, I would say, “With whom do you compete?” And, that’s not how many of us speak.)

Dear adaptable problem solvers, that is the question of the week: “Who do you compete with?”

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