Cane High, Attitude Higher

I walked into physical therapy today. Judy said, “Did you grow today?”

I immediately grinned, and said, “No, but I’d like to! Why?”

She grabbed my cane—which has been at the same height all along—and said, “Your cane is too short. Here, this is the right height.”

She made the cane one inch higher and sent me off to the bike to warm up.

Was I happy? Yes. Why? She told me I looked taller.

I realize that for many of you this is not a big deal. For me, this is huge. (Go ahead, laugh at the pun. I left room for you.)

It means several things:

  • All the work I’ve been doing: my back exercises, my ankle exercises, all that work might be paying off in terms of my posture.
  • That the one pound I think I lost might show. (Okay, this is wishful thinking :-)
  • The biggie: I have now relearned (maybe) how to walk correctly since my episode of radiculopathy. I am no longer bending over. So, not just posture, but gait. (I still think radiculopathy should be a Harry Potter curse. Can’t you just see him pull out his wand and say, “Radiculopathy!” It sounds better than, “Sciatica!”)

Is my attitude terrific? You bet. One small success for Johanna. One big attitude adjustment.

You probably don’t use a cane. If you do, maybe it’s at the correct height already. But, can you make a small success today? If so, make it. Deliver something to your team, to yourself. You’ll feel terrific. I do.

7 thoughts on “Cane High, Attitude Higher

  1. Debi

    Every time I read one of your posts, and see how up-beat you are about each small improvement, it makes me smile!
    Keep it up :)

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