Falling For It

Mark showed me his bottle of CoQ10 was empty. He buys our groceries because you buy them in person. I buy our vitamins, because you buy them online.

He looked at the label. “Antioxidants. I don’t want to rust from the inside.” He paused. “This must be why mid-westerners are so nice. They put these in the water.”

“No,” I said. “They don’t really, do they?”

Mark started to smile.

I realized he was teasing me. I started to laugh, and didn’t stop for at least three minutes.

“Gotcha!” he said.

What a way to start the morning.

I bet you didn’t fall for it. But in case you did, no, the only thing the US puts in the water is fluoride, and maybe chlorine. No antioxidants. Mid-westerners (and everyone else) are nice because of the culture.

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