Happy Feet Are Here Again

I had my first dance class post-knee surgery on Wednesday night, 13 weeks to the day after my knee replacement surgery. It was a blazing success!

Mark said I didn’t hang on him. Istvan said I didn’t have the death grip. (Just wait Istvan, we didn’t try any reverse turns. I’m sure I’ll have the death grip then.)

I noticed that I was able to maintain my frame without falling forward. I was stable while moving. I started to learn how to have “soft knees” in my smooth frame. I’ve heard my teachers say this for years, but have not been able to do so. I have no pain in my left knee, so I can do this now. What a great feeling!

My vertigo was quiescent, so that helped. We didn’t do anything challenging, because it was my first day back. We reviewed steps from our program. And, for the 45 minute lesson, it felt great.

I am still working on regaining all my quad strength in my left leg, so I still use the banisters to go up and down stairs. I use my arms to take some weight off my legs. Gotta get stronger so it’s just legs to go up and down stairs. But, as I continue my dancing and rebuild my endurance, that will come, too.

Happy feet are here again.

6 thoughts on “Happy Feet Are Here Again”

  1. So glad to read this, Johanna! You make me want to take up dance again. The last dance class I took was a folk-dancing class taught by a software development manager I worked with, for whom folk-dancing was a lifetime avocation. I remember thinking it should be promoted as a cure for depression – it’s impossible to feel bad after a couple of hours of dancing around with other people to lively music.
    One “working” Saturday (software development being what it is), he brought some music and gave a lesson in the lab!

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