Large Contrast in Capability

I’m in Albuquerque this week, teaching PSL with Esther and Jerry. The last time I was in Albuquerque was last December, 6 months ago, planning the AYE conference with Esther, Jerry, and Don. At the time, I was able to walk about a half block before I needed to sit for a while, because I was so exhausted from my vertigo.

Today, I walked by myself for about an hour, looking for just the right pair of earrings. I’m not sure I found just the right pair, although I did find three pair I bought! I was really happy about my accomplishment. Sure, I used my cane. Sure, I used the doorways. Sure, I went at my own pace.

But, I remained on my own two feet. I did not fall down. I did not trip. I did not stumble. I have to admit I was tired–I haven’t walked that much at one time in ages. It was great!

I’m at the maximum level of the medicine. I don’t know if I can stay here, or if I will build up a tolerance to this level also, and have to wean off the medicine and find another kind of medicine. We’ll see. But the fact that I can succeed at this level of this medicine at all means that I can find a way to succeed.

And I have new earrings. A great day.

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