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I’ve been living with vertigo and sudden hearing loss in my right ear since Sept 5, 2009. I had an intralabyrinthine hemorrhage, damaging my auditory nerve and one of my cochlear nerves. So, my hearing loss is permanent, due to nerve damage on my auditory nerve.

I only had the whirling vertigo for a week or two. I have oscillopsia: the world goes up and down when my head goes and up and down. And, I have nystagmus, involuntary eye movements when I turn my head left or right. Because my vestibular system is compromised, I have lagging vision when I turn my head from the left to the right.

Some days are better than others.

I’m still investigating what I can do to eliminate the vertigo, but so far, there is no cure.

Vertigo—constant vertigo—means you adapt to every moment every day. Unless you don’t move your head. Then you don’t need to adapt. Well, I’ve got too much to do to not move my head.

This blog is part memoir, part looking ahead, so you and I can learn together about what it takes to create an adaptable life. If you need to adapt to sort of change in your life, whether it was imposed on you or you chose it, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome!

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  1. My condition has no dizziness just balance is so off I feel like I have muscular dystrophy an need help walking I’ve been dianoised with Maniers years ago back then I did have more signs dizzy and walking issues but now it’s mobile muscular an balance and terrible fatigue . Last week I started eating a lot of salmon kale everyday for week and half now I get up this morning feeling perfectly normal like I did three years ago I’ve had the covid shots including boosted Pfizer. I’ve read where there have been cases of this happening everyone in my family have dionosed me with PD I have had so many symptoms an struggling with my failing health since Dec 2019 when I was exposed to two elderly people who had just flown in from Austria very sick with BAD COLDS II became very sick for three months with BRONCHITIS and then this balance issue.

    1. Ann, I’m sorry your condition is getting worse. Bad colds can increase a person’s dizziness. I hope you saw an ENT, Ear-Nose-Throat doc who also specializes in balance issues. That doc can help you. Or, see a neuromuscular neurologist. That doc can help. Good luck.

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