How Can You Encourage Bravery Today?

How often do you feel courageous? I don’t wake up in the morning and say, “Today, I’ll be courageous.” No, it doesn’t work that way for me.

As I discover ways to work and live that fit for me, I write about them. I don’t expect other people will work or live in the same way. However, I write a lot so people can see my choices and principles and—maybe—apply principles to their lives.

You might not write to offer other people options. But I bet you talk about your choices with others.

That means you use your influence to affect other people. We choose to share our choices, our bravery, and courage with others.

We’re not imposing; we’re sharing. Which means we don’t know if or how people use our ideas.

That means we have no idea how we impact others, either in the moment or over time. However, each of us has many opportunities to create space for others to learn. We can show others how we have the courage to be brave. Or, by our actions, to show others alternatives which they did not realize they had until now.

I don’t see how we can give other people courage. We can create an environment where they can realize their courage and take their first small steps.

How Can We Create an Environment of Bravery?

I’m going to differentiate bravery from courage first.

I’m going to use bravery in this way:

Having sufficient resilience, that spirit, to take that first step.

(I suspect I need to update my image and include bravery inside of adaptability somewhere.) If we cannot even imagine having sufficient resilience, we won’t take a small step. We won’t experiment at all.

BTW, In my opinion, bravery is not a mindset. Bravery requires sufficient emotional resilience so we can create that first step.

Then, I can use courage as seeing the reality and realizing we can change how we live within that reality.

Let me try an example that might help you see what I’m trying to say.

Sarah, a project manager, asked, “How can I start using agile approaches when my company wants waterfall deadlines?” (This is a common problem.)

I replied, “What stops you from using rolling wave plans for achieving deliverables every day, week, month to achieve those waterfall milestones?”

(For those of you who know about agile approaches, that’s kind of a strange idea, but it works.)

She said, “Nothing, I guess. Except my own bravery to show them we can work this way.”

That’s exactly it. Sarah also realized when she started showing her bravery, she encouraged her team and manager. They started to exhibit their bravery, too.

That’s why I model this resilience and experimentation way of living (actions, not mindset). I don’t impose my ideas on you—you use my options for your life or work.

That why we need to start with ourselves. What works for me probably doesn’t work for you. That’s totally okay. When we model our brave spirit and our courage in actions—that’s when other people can use our encouragement.

That’s the question this week: How can you encourage bravery today?

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