What Do You Tend to Value: Same or Change?

For years, I’ve used the word “guys” as a generic term when I talk about people on teams. One of my reviewers for the Modern Management books offered me this feedback:

“When I see or hear the word, “guys,” I assume there aren’t any women.”

Oh boy. I decided to change my language. I’ve been practicing, substituting the words “people” and “teams.” I’m not perfect at this, yet. I continue to practice.

I see this value in the wording change:

  • I’ll use more inclusive language.
  • I will avoid reinforcing stereotypes of men in technology.
  • I might learn something as I change my language.

You might think this is a quick and easy change for me. It’s not. I still struggle with avoiding the “guys” word. However, I’m a person who likes to experiment with change.

Not everyone likes to experiment with change. Some people don’t like the whole idea of change.

What about people who ask questions like these:

  • When can we return to normal? (Often in reference to the pandemic.)
  • Do I really have to change how I work? (Often when I suggest an alternative to how they practice their work now.)
  • Do I really have to change how I think? (Often when we discuss root causes and why things are the way they are.)

Sometimes, people don’t know what to do to support any changes. They don’t have a transforming idea yet.

And, some people deny that we are in a form of lasting change. They think they can wait out the organizational changes, especially if they don’t have an appetite for this change.

They see more value in staying the same instead of changing.

Assess Your Value for This Change

When I see people who see more value in staying in the Old Status Quo, I wonder why. What value do they see in remaining the same? (Many people don’t realize we change a little every day, so we don’t stay exactly the same. We all think we stay the same—me included! However, we change a little every day.)

I tend to want to experiment more than other people. I’ve always had this “change-oriented” approach to life and work. So, even though the pandemic has “helped” most of us experiment more, some people much prefer to think about how to retain the Status Quo.

I think our preferences are at least partly about what we value.

I value rethinking and rechoosing (change) over the same (consistency and predictability).

Other people value consistency and predictability over change.

I created the image as a continuum because I’m sure this preference depends on a person’s current context.

Since I practice my adaptability and resilience every day (the vertigo problem), I am sure I orient more towards change as a default. I’m pretty sure I didn’t orient more towards change when I had my balance. (I don’t remember anymore!)

So, when you propose a change, especially for someone else, remember they might not see the same value as you do. People have mental filters and perceive value differently. And, their default position on this change/same continuum might also play a part in how open they are to change.

That’s the question this week, ladies and gentlemen (not guys!): What do you tend to value: same or change?

3 thoughts on “What Do You Tend to Value: Same or Change?

  1. Linda Miller

    I am forced to be interested in change because of having a severe vertigo attack on September 19 this year and having to go to the ER. I have now had vertigo again and discovered your blog when I realized that coffee yesterday and today seem to start the dizziness. I have been to an ENT but then I didn’t go to the neurodiagnostic lab that he recommended because I hadn’t had any more attacks. Now I have made an appointment with a neurologist on January 11. And I need to get a copy of the CT scan of my brain that they did on September 19 in the ER. They gave me meclizine eventually and that helped. Thank you for your information on this.

    1. Johanna Post author

      Linda, well, I’m disappointed to have to welcome you into our little band of vertiginous people—but I am glad you found this site. Yeah, I’m also a change-oriented person :-)

      Sounds like you found the pages about how to manage your vertigo—good. Good luck with your neurologist visit.

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