Tip 1: What is Adaptability and Why That Matters

I talk a lot about adaptability on the blog. In case you missed it, let me set the context by defining adaptability.

Adaptability is an effective change in response to an altered situation.

Here’s why your adaptability matters. Life changes. Work changes. Our bodies change. No, you don’t have to have vertigo to realize your body changes!

You might want to be an adaptable leader. You might want to use your adaptability to respond to situations you encounter on a daily basis. You might be in a period of chaos where things are not normal and you want to use your adaptability skills to help you through that chaos.

We live with change all the time. The more adaptable we are, the more able we are to manage our reactions to the changes we encounter.

I’ll be addressing the three main parts of adaptability: mental, interpersonal, and physical in this newsletter in future issues. For now, here are some definitions.

  • Mental adaptability is about how we perceive and solve problems.
  • Interpersonal adaptability is about how we interact with others, including culture.
  • Physical adaptability is about how we use our bodies to adapt to the current environment.

We each have innate strengths for these areas. And, we have areas where we aren’t as strong yet. I like to think of the growth mindset as a way to manage my adaptability.

I want to live my best possible life, mentally, with others, and physically.

That means I work to maintain and grow by challenging myself mentally. I work to build my interpersonal skills, so I can develop and maintain relationships that work. I challenge myself physically all the time, building my capabilities and adaptabilities.

I exercise my adaptability as if it’s a muscle. Sometimes, I adapt. Sometimes, I use aids to help me adapt. Sometimes, I avoid situations where I don’t think I can adapt.

Regardless of my wishes, the world will keep changing. I want to change with it, as much as I can. That’s why my adaptability matters.

Here are a couple of questions for you to ponder:

  • What is changing for you now?
  • Where do you need to focus your adaptability?

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