What is Wondrous to You?

IguanaWhen we were on vacation last week in Key West, I saw an iguana out by the pool. Look at his coloring and size. I had never seen a real iguana that big, up close and personal.



KeyWestSunset2015We also took a sunset sail, and I took several pictures of sunset on my phone. Here is just one. It was a beautiful evening.



During our last day, I saw a gecko next to my pool chair. I took this picture.




Do you ever miss some of the wondrous, beautiful things in life? I do. We can take them for granted. When I have experiences like these, I remember how much of the world is wondrous to me.

You don’t have to be on vacation to notice. Sometimes, I think back to the computers I used at the beginning of my career and then look at my phone and I wonder! I knew that computers would become “more” and “better,” and I had no idea how fast that would happen.

Dear adaptable colleagues: What is wondrous to you?

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