Why Ask Questions?

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Create an Adaptable Life Vol 3 #1: Why Ask Questions?
May 1, 2014

Why Ask Questions?

If you’ve been reading my CreateAdaptableLife blog, I bet you’ve noticed that the posts since January have mostly been questions for adaptable problem solvers.

Why have I been doing that?

Because questions change how you look at a problem.

If you allow me to go “meta” for a minute, the questions you ask, and how you ask them determine the way you might solve your problems.

I’ve asked questions such as Is Anyone Using This? to see if anyone is using the work you are doing.

I’ve asked myself Which Problem-Solving Picture Are You Seeing? when I want to remind myself to look at the details.

I asked about perfection rules in Do Your Rules Prevent You From Solving Problems?

When I write these questions, I turn them around in my head, and they spark something different in me. From the comments, they spark something different in my readers, too.

When you change your questions, you can change your mindset. If you are stuck, go to the blog and look at the category questionoftheweek. You might find a new way to see your problem.

“Manage Your Job Search” is Available!

My newest book, Manage Your Job Search is available everywhere, both the ebook and the print version.

If you’re looking for a job, you need this book. If you think you might look for a job sometime in the future, you should buy the book. If you think you might want to know how to network, you should buy the book. Some books you buy because you want to adapt before you desperately need them, right?

If you’ve read Manage Your Job Search, please leave a review somewhere and let me know. I’ll blog about it.

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