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On my 4-week surgical anniversary, two days ago, I had another physical therapy appointment. I’d been bicycling at the gym, and continuing my modified squats, what I called my stand-ups, and my other exercises. Al said, “Let’s try the cane.” We did. I’m now using the cane during the day. Yay!

I still use the walker at night and the shower chair in the shower. And, if I leave the house for any shopping (why would I do that?) I might take the walker. But for the gym and physical therapy, it’s just the cane. Wow, what another big milestone.

And the reason I didn’t blog then or yesterday? I was too exhausted. I came home from PT, ate lunch, and slept for an hour. Yesterday, I went to the gym, exercised, did the bare minimum of work, and was still exhausted. Rehabbing is difficult work.

I have another PT appointment today. I can only imagine the quad exercises Al has in store for me. However, I am stronger every day, and with less pain and stiffness every day, so it’s all worth it.

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