A Standing Ovation

I worked out with Erik yesterday, on something we’ve recently added back into my training: stepping back and forth over obstacles, called hurdles in fitness jargon. These obstacles are the same as the  6″ Step Hurdle we used to use when I worked on general balance before my hemorrhage. Before the hemorrhage, I’d worked up to maneuvering around an entire room, left and right, forward and backwards. Now, I’m working on stepping across and back.

Yesterday, I had trouble with the first across, never mind back. So, Erik removed the obstacle and had me step over air once. No problem. I proved to myself I could do it. He added the obstacle back in. I had trouble. I removed my knee brace, and bingo, I zipped back and forth as if I had no vertigo. Erik clapped.

I was so proud of myself. My choices, to spend this time in the gym, to work on strength and my balance, have paid off, at least once. Since my vertigo changes minute by minute, never mind day by day, I will continue to practice. I felt great.

You have the opportunity to choose again, too. I hope you read my email newsletter of that name. You also have the chance to participate in my Project Portfolio Coaching.

I make conscious decisions about what to do and what not to do. I don’t work any less. And, with my vertigo, I sleep a full eight hours every night. I can’t cheat on my sleep. I make very conscious choices. And, they pay off.

I can’t promise you a standing ovation. I may never receive a standing ovation for a speech (and I am working on that, too!). I am very pleased at this one small success. I know I have the tools to repeat it. Do you have the tools to make your choices?

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