Support Comes in All Forms

I was on a panel last night, in standard JR form. The topic was, “Is Agile for you?” (The answer is not always.) I ranted, I raved. I interrupted. I waved my arms. I exploded when someone was wrong.

I love panels. They bring out the super-extrovert in me. No mamby-pamby positioning for me on panels. I take a position and defend it to the death.  I suspect the two introverts on the panel did not appreciate the other extrovert and me :-)

At the end, a lovely young man, who I’ve seen locally for several years said, “I hate to see you like this. It’s just not fair.” I’d positioned myself at the right-most side of the panel so I could hear everyone during the panel. That meant that at the end of the evening, when people came up to talk to us, I remained seated to manage my vertigo, and cupped my ear, so I could hear the people talking to me, to reduce the background noise. I had my cane next to me.

I shrugged, and said, “Thank you. For me, it’s now irritating and an inconvenience, and I appreciate your support. I’ve had a year and half to become accustomed to this. You haven’t seen me much during this time. Your support means a lot to me, more than you realize. Thank you.”

He has no idea how much his support means.

To hear other people say what I feel is support. And, to hear them say it when they are contrasting my physical condition to my cognitive abilities is also supportive.

I had a great night. I got to rant and rave at a panel. I got to talk about when to use agile and when not to use agile. I felt great support. Life is good.

1 thought on “Support Comes in All Forms”

  1. Amber Ankerholz

    “I ranted, I raved. I interrupted. I waved my arms.” — I love this.
    You have my unconditional support, Johanna.

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