Small Speaking Success

I spoke at Philly Emerging Tech this week, and had a major milestone. I was able to walk across the room and speak while walking.

For those of you who saw me speak before my hemorrhage, you know I used to walk back and forth, and shake my head and roll my eyes. I was an active speaker. After the hemorrhage, I have sometimes hung onto a nearby podium or table for balance, sometimes out of sheer panic. My walking has been quite restricted. But now, thanks to my medicine, I am walking and talking at the same time. I am still using my cane, because I am still dizzy, but I am much better. I will pass on the eye rolling while walking, thank you!

I feel good about my speaking abilities, and I feel good about my success. Better living through chemistry.


3 thoughts on “Small Speaking Success

  1. Jitendra

    Thank you Johanna for sharing this. It not only speaks about your courage and determination, but also inspires each one of us to try and overcome. All the power to you!

    – jitendra

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