What Makes You Smile?

DragonOn a recent walk in my neighborhood, I noticed this dragon. Is this not a beautiful dragon? You might not be able to tell in this picture, but the dragon’s eyes are a laser-red. They glow. It’s so cool.

I smiled when I looked at this dragon. How could you not smile? In person, the wings flapped and the eyes looked as if they were following me. So cool.

Then I wondered: I smile about many things during the course of the day. I laugh at myself. I smile when I read some emails, especially about the lengthening of equipment I don’t have. I smile when I read some of the tweets I see in the Twitter stream.

I try not to be the kind of person who goes into the basement once a day and cracks a grin, just to make sure those muscles still work. I don’t mind if I have laugh lines. I have earned them.

How often do you smile, at home and at work? Do you smile enough to get laugh lines? Or, are you limiting your smiles, not smiling a lot?

There are reasons to smile. Smiling can change your brain. Smiling can stimulate your brain. And, we feel better when we smile, even if it’s a fake smile.

Maybe you don’t like this purple dragon. That’s okay. Find something else that makes you smile, and then smile a lot.

That, my gentle readers, is the question this week: What makes you smile?

6 thoughts on “What Makes You Smile?”

  1. Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

    I smile daily when I see @planetpics photos of amazing stuff in this world on twitter. In fact, I did more than smile (laughed even) when I saw the photo of a seal squished up against an aquarium glass this morning. We need to see the natural world…and appreciate its beauty. That always makes me smile.

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