Does This Enhance My Life?

When we were purging the house, I asked the question, “Does this thing enhance my life?” It was a good question to see if I wanted to keep or eliminate whatever I was holding.

It’s not quite the same question as “Is Anyone Using This?” That’s a question from the outside. “Does This Enhance My Life?” s a question from inside you. For me, this can be more difficult to answer.

backscratcherBack when I was 16, I tore the ligaments in my right ankle, and required surgery to repair them. I don’t know how they do it now, but back then, I was in a cast for months. Someone gave me a backscratcher to scratch the skin inside my cast. I still have that darn thing.

I have not had a cast in years. This backscratcher no longer enhances my life.

Now, it’s time for deeper introspection.

As a human, you own your life. Does the work you do enhance your life or detract from it? If your work does not enhance your life, is it time to change your work?

If you write, does your writing enhance your life? If not, is it time to change how or what you write?

Does the music you listen to enhance your life? I listen to music as I write. Is it working for you or not? Is it it time to change it? For years, I listened to a particular playlist. Suddenly, I lost interest in that playlist. I changed the playlist and I became happier. I also became faster with my writing.

If you work with a team at work, and something is off, you might ask, “Do we have a team unjeller?” If you have a team unjeller, you know it. Conversation stops when that person enters the room. You have choices when you have a team unjeller. I wrote a management myth about it, I Can Save Everyone. But you have choices about your actions. You always do, whether your management chooses to act or not.

Change is messy. Change comes with a cost. But, what’s the alternative?

A life that other people select for you. Or, a life you select by default. That doesn’t fit for me. I want to be consciously in charge of my life. For me, it’s the fill my gas tank metaphor.

So, I will keep asking, “Does this enhance my life?” When I ask that, I am in charge. I am the one making the decisions. I, not other people, am responsible for my life. And, that’s the way I want it.

I’m throwing out the backscratcher.

My fellow adaptable problem solvers, that is the question of the week. You can choose again. Look inside, and ask yourself, “Does this enhance my life?”

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