What Makes You Laugh?

Are you laughing enough?

I know, you don’t normally associate laughter with problem solving, do you? But laughter relieves tension. If you stay wound tight and serious during all of your adaptability, how you can see the big picture, the small picture, or anything in between? You have to relax. You can’t do that when someone says, “Relax,” or “Don’t take things so seriously.” That makes me want to hit the other person. But I can often stand back and laugh at ludicrousness. (That was a funny word. Just look at it. The word takes itself seriously, doesn’t it?)

I’m serious here. Laughing is very serious business. It’s necessary for our physical health, emotional health, for our emotional resilience, and there is nothing like a good belly laugh to help us relieve tension.

I met someone recently, who—I swear—is the kind of person who goes into the basement to have one small smile a day, just in case he needs a laugh. A smile. Not a laugh. My goodness. He’s the kind of person I want to tickle, to see what happens. I didn’t. But I wanted to. Then I though, maybe he needed a hug. Then a tickle! Now we are seriously getting into boundaries…

If you’ve ever seen me speak, or participated in one of my workshops, you know that I smile, roll my eyes, and laugh out loud. When I’m tired, I often can’t stop laughing. This is a danger during the late night of PSL. It’s a problem. But really, how much of a problem is too much laughter in your life?

I decided that I am happy to have laugh lines. I don’t want frown lines. I’ll still moisturize so I reduce my lines—I’m vain enough for that. But a face that looks happy? I’ll take that.

I like puns, knock-knock jokes, satire, irony, and silly humor. Not so big on slapstick. Just call me a four-year old or a fan of Shakespeare. Not much in the middle. What about you?

If you haven’t had a chuckle today, go for it. Think about something that makes you laugh. Let that belly laugh roll out of you. One, two, three: Go!

I’ll be laughing with you, all the way. Now, didn’t that feel better?


4 thoughts on “What Makes You Laugh?

  1. Miguel Angel Diez

    Thanks for this post, Johanna. The other day I listened that, once open a time, a one wise man/woman said, one smile win more battles than armys.


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