Hats Off to TSA and Fellow Travelers, Not to Congress

I’m traveling to Indianapolis today for AgileIndyConf. It’s a quick flight from Boston. As usual, the hardest part is getting through security.

The security lines today were easily three times as long as usual. Since I fly a couple of times a month, I know something about the lines. I don’t fly as much as other people, but I fly a lot.

When I got past the checkpoint, I could see the problem. Instead of the usual 5 body-scanning machines, only two were open. Why? I have no idea. I can only assume the sequester cuts have kicked in.

The body-scanning machines require more people to administer than the x-ray machines. Now, I don’t really care that someone can tell that I’ve had a knee replacement, or they can tell whether I’ve been doing my abdominal exercises or not. But I do find it quite offensive that if Homeland Security mandates that we need these machines to fight the War on Terror, that Congress is not willing to fund them.

With long lines, I get dizzy. TSA opened another line, but they did not open another body-scanning machine. As I attempted to step into it, I heard a “Ma’am?” “Yes?,” I answered. “What are you doing?” “Using the body scanner. I have a knee replacement.” “It’s not open.” “Uh oh.”

By now, the helpful TSA woman had pushed through my computer. “Are these all your belongings?” “Except for my computer, which is already through.”

The wonderful TSA woman escorted me to another line, where we walked to the front, I stood in the body scanner, walked out, and then walked back to my stuff. She then brought both of my bins to me on a bench where I could repack my stuff in my briefcase and put on my shoes.

Then, a fellow traveler volunteered to bring the empty bins back to the empty bin holder. I am always astonished and gratified by the wonderfulness and helpfulness of my fellow travelers. They provide me so much support.

Is this nonsense part of the sequester? Or is it part of Boston Logan craziness? I don’t know. Whatever it is, it’s crazy. There was no need for travelers at 1pm on a Wednesday to have lines that took an hour to clear. No need.

TSA, you have a thankless job. You do it under amazing pressure and with grace. Thank you. And, my fellow travelers, I am the dizzy broad who says, “Dizzy broad, coming through.” Thank you for your help, today and all the other days.

One thought on “Hats Off to TSA and Fellow Travelers, Not to Congress

  1. Bill

    It isn’t just Logan. National airport in DC was backed up more than normal yesterday in terminal A which doesn’t use body scanners. Figure it is just sequestration.

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