Workshops and Training

If you’re looking for training for change, I offer half-day and full-day workshops. We experience the Satir Change model.

If you are embarking on organizational change, we’ll experience what that’s like for an entire organization. I also offer workshops for managing product development. Typical contents of the change workshop are:

  1. A brief introduction to change
  2. Understanding where you are with change: internally or externally generated (sometimes you generate the change, sometimes the change happens to you, sometimes it’s a combination)
  3. Simulation (for a longer workshop) and debrief
  4. Understanding of how you react to change
  5. Action planning
  6. More simulation or action planning

Participants leave with a plan of what they can do individually. If it’s a group responsible for changing an organization, also what they need to do as a group.


“… I had no idea what I was getting into this your session. This is the best thing I’ve participated in quite some time.”

“I now have a mechanism to leave chaos and move to the new status quo.”

Understanding how you, as a unique individual deals with your specific change is invaluable knowledge. This workshop will help you see where you are now and what you can do. Contact me for more information.

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