I'm curious about many things. I bet you are, too. I'm curious about how people make choices, what they see as options, what they choose to measure. I'm curious about how things work. I feel as if the world has so much variety and my biggest choice is how to sample all the wondrous things in it.

Here's how I feed my curiosity:

Read all the time.

I always read. I'm often reading at least two books: a non-fiction book for some sort of specific knowledge and one fiction book to tease more possibilities. The more I read, the more I learn and the more I wonder. 

Observe the world around me.

I have trouble observing specifics. I see one thing and generalize from that. Not too specific, am I? Thanks to my daily walks, I now have more appreciation for what happens during different seasons. Yes, I knew that information before, and now I am much more aware of my surroundings: that the leaves provide shade in the summer; the spring smells of the trees and grasses (and my sneezing); and where the squirrels eat their nuts in the fall. I'm practicing observing people when I travel. 

Ask "what if" questions.

You know me, I like to ask questions. Some of my favorite questions are "What if." At work, I ask, "What if we changed that one thing?" or "What if we had a project with no managers? How could we make that work?" These questions are excellent when I ask other people to consider options with me. 

I hope you feed your curiosity as well. How do you feed your curiosity? Please let me know

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