What Can You Create Now?

With any luck, you’re working from home this week. I bet you’re thinking of creating any number of possibilities:

  • A schedule you can all live with.
  • Food for three meals a day.
  • How to prevent anyone in the house saying, “I’m bored.”

Those are the table stakes—the minimum stakes for times like these. (I wrote about a schedule in Three Tips for Managing Your Newly-Remote Day. And, I wrote more in Where Are You in Your Changes?)

I see more options. Some of the ideas I see:

  • Ways to keep other people’s spirits up. Maybe hopeful, but certainly ideas to help others avoid depression.
  • Art or music of any sort, especially if you can share it. (Yes, I include writing here.)
  • Reimagining the world of work. Or, our neighborhoods. Or the country. (I’m not big on limiting myself.)

I’m sure there are more options for what we can create.

I find that when I start imagining the future, I feel better.

You might think I’m nuts. We’re living in uncertain times. What kind of decisions can we make?

Creative decisions. Experiments that might range from minutes to several days.

I’m living through as much uncertainty as everyone else. And, I’m trying to imagine a new reality—for me, for my family, for my clients.

As humans, we imagine. We create. We can bring all of our human talents and skills in service of creating a new reality.

Feed Your Imagination…

I use music and books for inspiration. I have not yet tried art. (We can discuss my failings another time.)

First, let me offer you some music: What the World Needs Now – for Virtual Orchestra. If you go all the way to the end, you’ll see some lyrical dancing.

Second, let me offer you some reading and maybe writing: the Kickstarter, Cave Creek: Where the Unexpected Meets the Real World. (Yes, I invested and there is no affiliate link.)

I’ve discussed my writing challenges before. I’m too predictable as a fiction writer. I don’t yet have the ability to twist and turn in fiction—and arrive at a place my readers find delightful. That’s why I backed this Kickstarter—to take the writing workshop.

Writing might not be your thing. That’s okay. Any and all of the books here will feed your imagination. And, they’ll help you escape from our current reality.

I’m thinking hard about what work and life will look like late this spring, into the fall, and next year. I’m feeding my imagination. We have the capacity for great possibilities and the capacity for a real apocalypse. (The reality will probably lie somewhere between those two poles.) That’s why we need to feed our imaginations. (You might like How Do You Build Your Adaptability? to see how I modify my rules and create experiments.)

Maybe you don’t need to consciously feed your imagination. Or, maybe you have one of those essential jobs and you can only live in the here-and-now until this crisis is over. Thank you, and this post will be here when you’re ready.

I do need to feed my imagination as part of my creativity. And, I’m still thinking about what I can create, now and in the future.

That’s the question this week: What can you create now?

2 thoughts on “What Can You Create Now?”

  1. An idea for both creating and imagining before creating: plant seeds!
    (Well, I agree that we are not really creating a plant, but we can help in the creation ..)
    If you have a garden then springtime (early spring, when the soil is still frozen, but the sun is warming already) is the time when we can start imagining how the garden could be during the summer.
    If you don’t have a garden maybe you still have a little space inside the house for a future edible plant.
    We can start planting seeds inside the house, for ex. tomatoes, and watch every day how the small plants are growing. When the plants are large enough and there is no more frost outside, then we can plant them out.
    We take care of the plants all the way. This is a responsibility, but also a source of joy.
    Happy planting!

    1. Zsuzsa, what a great metaphor—thank you! I love the taking care of plants as a responsibility and a source of joy. Lovely.

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